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In the Mining Industry it is important to have the right parts and equipment on site at the right time to maximise productivity and profits, especially in remote locations far from supply centres.
This can be a time consuming and frustrating task for mining personnel, or it can be made easy through the use of the APGL procurement and logistics network.
Using “one source” for procurement, receiving, packaging and freight will provide significant cost savings to you at all points in the supply chain. You can rely on our experience and understanding of the mining industry to source and deliver the most suitable products for your mining, mineral processing, engineering, exploration and construction activities.
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APGL Global source power for purchasing

 Outsourced Precurement

APGL can source anything from anywhere at the best possible price. As a leading mining equipment supplier, APGL has excellent buying power and these savings are passed on to you.
With excellent product knowledge and mine site purchasing expertise coupled together, APGL is a global supply source like no other. Our global locations ensure that mining operations have easy access to leading mining equipment manufacturers regardless of their location.
The savings from Sourcing, Purchasing, Expediting and Creditor Management have a significant impact on the operating costs of mining operations that use APGL.

Quality Assurance

APGL has the experience and attention to detail that ensures your goods are accurately received and inspected prior to shipment. This reduces the possibility of incorrect or damaged goods being delivered to site.
Our warehouse staff have an eye for technical detail and provide a thorough inspection facility that is close to the supply source. When non-conforming items are received the cost of returning them to suppliers is minimal. Corrective action can be completed in a timely manner to avoid delays that can result in major downtime at a mining operation.
Quality measured and assured with ISO 9001 certification