About APGL Group


Our History

APGL was established in early 2012 by mining professionals with over 60 years combined experience. Our founders are all experts with vast mining industry knowledge, and have the ability to work (and consult) together with your staff to maximise productivity and lower operational costs. APGL has established a vast network of contacts in Australia and worldwide. This enables us to source and supply various products and emergency parts at the best possible price, no matter how big or small the order may be.

Specialists doing special things

One of our key strengths is our network of worldwide specialists in the field. Through this network we’re able to stay in touch with local industries, be aware of their needs and keep up-to-date with current industry developments. As well as being able to solve problems proactively, at APGL, we leverage our people to optimise the sourcing of parts and equipment and increase awareness of new products through our extensive network.
All APGL employees are provided mentoring, development of life skills, educated in fitness for work, and liaise with appropriate training providers to ensure timely delivery of required skills to support our company. APGL supports indigenous employment and training for the Local Traditional Owner Groups. APGL staff are highly trained with decades of experience in the mining industry. We understand the demands of the mining world and we solve problems through the supply of products and services that optimise productivity.

The global advantage

With our global network, we offer our clients a single point of access from one continent to another, covering head offices to remote areas where logistics and financing play a key role. With our continual innovative logistical and sourcing structure, we are able to generate substantial cost savings for clients and have an immediate and positive impact on the availability of parts and equipment through strategic positioning of stock.

Long-term synergies

We aim for long-term objectives and an end-to-end supply chain. This long-term planning allows us to invest in a logistics infrastructure in several countries while our warehouse network enables us to make full use of logistic synergies.
We are specialists in providing procurement, global supply, and logistical services to the domestic and international mining, engineering, and construction industries. Our goal is to provide our clients with a total cost-savings package which integrates all aspects of their operations with the supply chain management systems. By maintaining high efficiency rates and low overhead costs, as well as by effectively negotiating the costs of goods and services, we are able to deliver cost savings across the board.
APGL is a unique vendor-neutral supplier which differentiates us from other suppliers that can only deal with a few selected brands or products. Our strength is sourcing the right product, at the right price. We can offer a full outsourced supply chain solution by proposing inventory optimisation and logistics solutions to remote areas. Our experience and knowledge with parts allows us to offer compatible, alternative quality parts to genuine OEM brands to best suit our clients needs at competitive prices.